The Magical Dr Lupin Bar in Pigalle

The Magical Dr Lupin Bar in Pigalle

I think we have found a new fave bar in Paris. After a rummage in the thrift stores in Place de Clichy we had worked up a thirst so we headed over to Pigalle. Pigalle is not short on good cocktail and dive bars, with Pigalle Country Club, Dirty Dick, Le Kremlin and Rock n Roll Circus to name a few good spots. We decided to try a new place and boy were we pleased we did. As we entered Dr Lupins we left the cold rainy street behind and were welcomed into an opulent art deco time warp of a bar that was both friendly and cosy.

The chatty barmen talked us through their excellent spirits, beer and cocktail selection and we happily sat at a table enjoying the dark, luxurious and cosy atmosphere. This bar is theatrical and stunning with lush red sofas and tongue in cheek decor – we were welcomed by a skeleton – transporting you back to the time when Pigalle was the burlesque party capital.

This is basically the kind of bar you fantasise about sitting in in Paris and the atmosphere was brilliant. It is perfect for a cheeky evening pint or a debauched night sipping delicious cocktails. I often enjoy a more basic dive bar but I was definitely lured in by the grandeur of the quirky place. We will be back.