Moda Portugal Fashion Showcase – Ricardo Pre...

Moda Portugal Fashion Showcase – Ricardo Preto


At the Ricardo Preto presentation, as part of the Moda Portugal Fashion Showcase during Men’s Fashio Week Paris, models strolled out and stood on pillars like ancient Greek statues. Before the show there was an installation with the Atlantic Ocean projected onto a large backdrop, setting the ambience and scene as being both serene and firmly placed in Portugal.

The show began quickly transformed it into a more urban and dynamic atmosphere, breaking the calm like crashing waves as each model walked in and took his place.  It was a dramatic show for a dramatic but wearable collection. The pieces in this collection are intriguing, bringing a casual street wear feel but with an urban edge and the kind of quality detailing one would expect from top-end tailoring. The pinstripe vest and shorts, set under the flowing hooded poncho somehow reminded me of Manchester – not just because it’s rain resistant. The shorts are playful but the thicker material and the fun but practical cape made it a bold ensemble that would encourage a youthful swagger in the city or at a festival.

The layering of prints, utility materials, and denim give it a modern edge. These are clothes that are obviously made to last and be worn again and again; designed for young urbanites with fast pace lives but a consistent passion for fashion.