Mind moving new music

Tough times require music that provoke a reaction, whether it’s delight,  or confusion.

There have been a host of releases this week that have made me feel all the feels.

Going to kick things off with the biggest news. New The XX aaahhhhhh!

The new track is a total banger too. Sway.

Clarence Clarity creates music that makes my head spin, in a good way.

“Vapid Feels Are Vapid” is described by Clarity as “a love song about boundless internet fantasy versus the trappings of real world relationship boredom.”


This crazy bit of psych from Canada’s DOOMSQUAD is just the ticket.

This Reykjavíkurdætur performance from Iceland Airwaves is perfection. Iceland’s hiphop scene is being kneed by these MCs.

The new record from Virginia Wing, Forward Constant Motion, is takes you off into a world of varying textures. Let it transport you away; far away…