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Here’s my October round-up of what I have mostly been listening to…

October is always a bit of a hectic month where you fully get back into the swing of things after September has steadily transported you from summer into colder climes; with a few surprisingly hot and sunny treats along the way to ease the pain. October immerses you in darkness and forces you to pull out that winter coat whilst work schedules and term-time calls for heavy workloads, plus many social activities as we all scramble to cram catch-ups in before the Christmas season hits.

So, October is almost over and the clocks have been reversed. What better time to indulge in some tunes as we prepare to hibernate and wrap up until next Spring.

I have been enjoying Rotterdam’s Rats on Rafts new record, Tape Hiss (Fire Records), ever since meeting the guys at Levitation Festival back in September. Their new wave/post punk is comfortingly familiar, having grown up in the North West of England, with their short punchy tracks that get the job done, I was not surprised when singer/guitarist David Fagan told me that they were big fans of The Fall.

Jeremy’s description of my hood, the 10eme in Paris, in his review of acid Arab’s new LP Musique De France for The Quietus is spot on. Actually, the whole review is great. I am biased but I think the 10eme is the most interesting arrondissement in Paris and I totally agree that follow residents, Acid Arabs, new LP sounds like the bustling multicultural streets I love to explore every day. I cannot and will not stop playing it.

Ed Dowie makes music that transport you into a peaceful yet dryly humoured place. His music is always totally understandable and familiar but presented as an experience that leaves you so chilled that you need a cigarette. His latest track is totally autumnal; sounding like the smell of a dewy leaf littered forest and the feel of an icy breeze on your fingertips.

I have been a huge fan of Daniel Woolhouse ever since his performance (as Deptford Goth) in the London Fields Brewery, as party of a Dummy Mag showcase, had me in floods of tears a few years ago. press2His music just makes you tingle. “Map Of The Moon” is the first taster from his upcoming album due out later this year and it the nibble at what looks set to be a delicious musical feast. Prepare to sway.

Las Kellies are an Argentina trio who merge garage-psych and melodic pop. Their latest album “Friends and Lovers” (Fire Records), has some psyche pop summery gems that are keeping me feeling sunny well into wintertime. It’s not groundbreaking stuff but it is beautifully produced (produced by Iván Diaz Mathé) and wonderfully carefree. Pop it on and cheer yourself right up.

I interviewed Kiran Leonard a little while back and he enthused about fellow Manchester musician Irma Vep, whose live band Kiran often plays in and was mentioned in the write-up.

Hailing from North Wales, Irma Vep is Edwin Stevens, who’s also plays in Sex Hands, Klaus Kinski, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Yerba Mansa. His forthcoming album ‘No Handshake Blues’ is due in Jan on Faux Discx / Comfortable on a Tightrope, and his music  (like Kiran’s) is difficult to pinpoint, though “psychedelic folk” goes some way to describe it. It is intriguing and strangely comforting on dark nights.