Bricktop Pizza

Bricktop Pizza

Pizza is life. Fact. It is fair to say that I got pretty excited when a new pizza place opened on the canal about two minutes from my place on Quai de Valmy.

I am not short of foodie hotspots in my area (the 10th) but I will always welcome more pizza. There are few indulgences more splendid than a proper stone baked pizza and the guys here are seriously passionate about their dough and toppings. Rightly so!

Wayne has completed his dream of opening a pizza place that stays faithful to the Italian tradition whilst also mixing in influences from the US and elsewhere. After completing a training course in business he spent a year learning the craft of pizza making in Naples, then two years honing his culinary and service skills in various French restaurants. Finally, Bricktop was born, earlier this year and the pizza is incredibly yummy!

Vegans rejoice because you are catered for nicely here and if you like your pizza with a side of craft beer then you can wash the cheesy goodness down with a beer from local breweries BapBap and Deck & Donohue. Bricktop offers appetizers, pizzas, and desserts à la carte, as well as daily specials on a big green board. In the name of research (you’re welcome) I have sampled a few of the pizzas and they have all been tip top.



You can eat in on the lovely big wooden tables and enjoy the friendly vibe or take your pizza to the canal side to watch the prancing Parisians and ducks.

Here are some deets and a bit more pizza porn to make your tummy growl.

153 Quai de Valmy / 75010 Paris


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