Autumn Beauty Product Updates


I decided to share some of the beauty products that get me through winter. Without some of these, I would be a chapped, pink, flaky mess. Since moving to Paris, my already pretty steady obsession with French products intensified so many of these lotions and potions are indeed French, but you can get them easily by mail order or in UK shops, otherwise I gave you an excuse to pop over to Paris where it is possible to spend all day in a Parapharm shopping for products. They aren’t all French as I do like some Korean and German brands (face masks mostly), so here are some of my current favourite beauty products…

The Bioderma Cicabio Pommade was bought as an ointment for our tattoos but it has been soothing my sore lips and dryness around my nose so I am sure that is going to become a winter staple.

I love Dr Hauschka products (the rose oil is a post-shower dream) and the Dr Hauschka cover stick in the lightest shade 01 (I am a ghostly ivory shade in winter) allows me to cover up redness without having to put on foundation, which I find too drying when it’s cold outside.

Speaking of redness, when I start to resemble Rudolph I use Bioderma Anti-Rougeurs cream, which hydrates and calms my skin down. It is a must-have beauty product for anyone with skin that is sensitive and prone to redness.

The Cattier Grommage Argile Clay Scrub is my morning scrub it is natural and a gentle way to wash away any grime from the night before and freshen skin before moisturising.

I can have greasy skin at times but it is also a little sensitive so in the winter I try to use sensitive cleansers like this Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegétal toner. It is really soothing.

During these darker months, I like to try heavier make-up looks on my lips and eyes. This means that I need a good beauty products, and eye make-up removal lotion, so I have been testing the Klorane lotion florale, which is sensitive but removes any liner or mascara with ease.

I get very sore eyes so I use eye-washes regularly and apply, which is paraben free and makes the skin around my eyes feel less irritated and refreshed. La Roche-PosayHydraphase Intense Yeux makes the skin around ly eyes feel so refreshed, it is totally addictive.

Finally, I am a face mask addict and will probably write a whole post just about them at some point. I bought this Zoo Park Brightening Lamb mask, by the Saem, on a recent trip to Monoprix (a French supermarket). I liked the hair mask from the same range so thought I’d try it and I am wearing it as I write this. It is cooling and tingly and I look terrifying; more like a person who’s been a part of a scary science experiment to reconstruct their face than a cute little lamb. I should have used it on Halloween actually…

Here’s a little sneaky peek at some other stuff on my dresser – Mac lipsticks and Chanel perfume are my weakness.