The Best TV Apartments of All Time

The Best TV Apartments of All Time

When my sister recently asked which apartment from a series I would live in I had to think for less than a minute because Megan and Don’s sixties penthouse in Madmen is my dream. However, as we started chatting I started to think about all the other wonderful options out there in series land, from Sherlock’s oppulant regency style Baker street pad to the huge Newgirl LA warehouse dream apartment. There is so much home inspo in series and, let’s face it, we are often admiring a kitchen unit combo and sofa cushions whilst following our favourite characters.

Here are some faves in ordr of personal preference…


Soshana’s Tokyo apartment is a kooky, colour-blocked delight. There’s a hammock in the sunken kitchen and floor to ceiling windows on the bed deck. The apartment is an artwork in the “Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA -In Memory of Helen Keller-“, built by architects/artists Shusaku Arakawa + Madeline Gins and you can actually rent it on airbnb!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen an apartment that screams sixties as mugh as Megan and Don’s Greenwich village modernist masterpiece. With the wood clad walls, it’s white carpeted conversation pit and colour pop kitchen bar. I would move in tomorrow.


In Broadcity Abbi is addicted to Bed, Bath and Beyond and all that interior shopping has paid off. It’s actually based on the actress, Abbi Jacobson’s, first apartment in Astoria, Queens, NY.  Abbi’s apartment is a light filled, colourful scandi style dream. The pink bedroom is bold and cosy whilst the living room is fresh and would make me seriously consider living with Bevvers.



With the flock wallpaper, armchairs (one is a Corbusier), fireplaces and piles of books everywhere Sherlocks messy 221B Baker Street is full of hidden gems that need some detective work to spot. This live/work space mixes vintage classics with modern pieces and is a real extension of Sherlocks brilliant yet chaotic personality. My favourite part is the kitchen in the middle which, with the big dining table in the middle, is the heart of a home that actually is warm and inviting unlike Sherlock most of the time.


The stunning Edinburgh brownstown that the characters share on Mount Florida just further highlights that this show shows a particularly well-heeled group of youngish people. Lovesick restored my faith in romantic comedies and my yearning for a gritty Brit portrayal after This Life. It also featured stripped walls, luscious wooden floors and my dream kitchen. I love this series SO MUCH.


This huge open-plan warehouse apartment, with its exposed brickwork, kitchen island, girders, seventies calve’s leather sofa and exposed industrial features, is any millennial’s dream chill/party/work/chill place. The apartment shared by Jess (Zooey Deschanel), Winston (Lamorne Morris), Nick (Jake Johnson), and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) also has roof access! 

Located in the Binford Lofts in the Arts District in Downtown LA, Zooey really does hit a home run when she gets to move in with the guys and live in this apartment. Almost as unrealistic as Carrie’s gorgeous rent controlled East Village studio on SATC, in reality, probably only high-earner Schmidt would be able to afford the rent but this is telly land so… IMO the only downside is the highschool resembling bathroom, complete with those urinals, but hey, a girl can make compromises for that much natural light and, again, that roof.

Here’s a tour of the building…


Of course I had to mention Monica’s gaudy yet impressively eclectic iconic apartment. It’s the colour of a Ribena berry but every nineties kid wanted to move into this New York pad and live with friends next to central park. Mismathching chairs and fake flowers suddenly looked so chic. Violet is really trending this year so maybe it is finally time to reach for the paint brush and invite your friends over.

Will and Grace

Will’s apartment in Will and Grace always seemed like the ultimate ‘grown up’ apartment. He lives at 155 Riverside Drive, in the Upper West Side, which is close to Freddy Rumsen’s place in Madmen. With all the mahogany it could look a little dated but I’m sure interior designer Grace has seen to that. In the new season Jack has a new very log cabin style fireplace (hmm mahogany), countertops and a wine fridge – swoon.


Whilst Fleabag’s apartment is pretty nice it is her quirky little London cafe that provokes swoons. Who doesn’t want a pastel hued coffeeshop complete with a guinea pig pal, heh?

Other honourable mentions include the divorce settlment apartment Zoe Luther lives in in season one of Luther, Dev’s apartment in Master of None and Miranda’s first apartment in SATC.